To assist the evolution of the Leechburg Area so that it can reach its greatest potential


The LACDC recently converted the Bank Building in downtown Leechburg into a Coworking space, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an affordable professional space for your remote work, virtual meetings, and home office without the distractions that often accompany working from home. We are conveniently located right in the heart of Leechburg’s business district! 

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During its history, the Leechburg area has continuously evolved and flourished.  It was first established as a farming community, then it became a major shipping port, and finally a steel manufacturing and coal mining community.  With the closing of the Bagdad plant of ATI, it is no longer a steel manufacturing or coal mining community.  It is working to establish its new identity.


Through a variety of committee driven initiatives, we are targeting housing, the retail business district, industrial properties, river front development, and more to stabilize the area and to move forward.


To develop the parks and riverfront areas to encourage tourism and to attract new residents.


To determine ways to improve and maintain the quality of residential real estate and to attract new residents.


To support the business district and to assist in development of industrial sites.


The Leechburg Area Community Development Corporation (LACDC) is a group of committed volunteers who have a sincere interest in Leechburg and the surrounding communities of Gilpin, Hyde Park, and West Leechburg. This group wants to strengthen the area by helping it evolve and grow. The LACDC is led by a board of seven members.


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Develop river front property to take full advantage of the river asset.

The Kiskiminetas River is one of the most gorgeous rivers in Western Pennsylvania. It has been transformed over the last 40 years from an industrial and municipal waste polluted river into one teaming with fish and avian wildlife. This asset needs to be exposed and utilized by the Leechburg Area communities and others in the region. The Kiskiminetas runs through all four communities represented by the LACDC. Various properties along the river have been developed including the Gazebo Park in Leechburg and the park and boat ramp in Hyde Park, but much more can be done. This committee is exploring funding opportunities and building a volunteer network to help develop and maintain the parks.


Improve the residential housing stock.

Leechburg, like many Western Pennsylvania communities, has lost significant population. This means that there is excess housing which results in low property values and vacant homes. Poorly maintained property and abandoned property are not uncommon in the area and, these have a huge negative impact on the community. Also, much of the housing stock in the Leechburg Area is older, especially in Leechburg Borough, having been built in the early part of the last century or earlier. Many of these homes are small, with one bath and little or no off-street parking. Can these homes be upgraded for today’s family? Which houses should be renovated, released for sale and or torn down? With funding and the use of the Derelict and Abandoned Properties Act, the CDC can gain control of some of this housing and improve it for the community.

This committee works with the marketing committee and real estate professionals to market available homes in the most effective way.


Support the business district and to assist in development of industrial sites.

Leechburg has a small business district with well maintained buildings. The majority of the store fronts are occupied, but the trend is toward less occupancy. This committee is assessing the community needs and determining the best use for the buildings. It will then work with the marketing committee to locate potential businesses for the community. One of the current initiatives is to establish a co-working space to give residents who work from home access to an environment more conducive to work with all the amenities of a modern office.

Attracting new businesses is difficult. Retaining existing businesses is easier but is often neglected. This committee is serving as a resource to assist local businesses and to help market them to the community.

Leechburg Area has two large industrial sites owned by ATI, one of which has been idle since 2005 and the other since 2016. This committee will work with ATI to learn about the plans for these parcels and assist in any way it can to establish a use for them.