The purchase of the Rosebud railroad line right-of-way along the Allegheny River by Armstrong Trails has made the development of a trail along the Kiski river from Schenley through Leechburg to Hyde Park an obvious extension. 

The purchased right-of-way includes a four-mile stretch along the Kiski toward Leechburg.  ATI has granted an easement to Armstrong Trails along Silicon Drive to extend the four-mile piece to the Leechburg boarder. 

The LACDC has taken on the role of sponsor of the trail through Leechburg.  We are currently acquiring easements to allow for construction of a crushed limestone trail.  The next steps will include design, funding, and construction. 

Once the Gilpin Leechburg Trail is completed a biker will be able to enter the trail in Leechburg and ride to East Brady or travel across the Kiski Junction bridge to the Freeport bridge and then ride to Butler.

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