Leechburg Coworking Space Business Open House

November 17th was the kick off event to begin the official marketing of the Leechburg Coworking Space at the Riverbank Center,the former First Commonwealth Leechburg Bank.  The Riverbank is owned by the Leechburg Area Community Development Corporation(LACDC) and has been converted into a coworking space to serve the Leechburg Area.

Businesses from the area as well as representatives of several churches attended the open house and were treated to a tour of the historic bank building and light refreshments prepared by CoCo Coffee House.

A short presentation introduced the attendees to the mission of the LACDC and the vision for the coworking space as a community asset. The coworking space offers a place to “work from home” in an office environment with all the amenities of a modern office.  It also will serve as an office location for entrepreneurs and consultants who need an office location to work and also meet with clients.  The rentals are flexible including available desks, dedicated desks and private offices.  The first two floors will be used as the coworking space while the historic third floor will be rented as a unit.

All the attendees were favorably impressed, which serves to encourage us to move forward with our marketing to make the Riverbank and the Leechburg Coworking Space a successful community asset for the Leechburg Area.

For information about the coworking space contact us at  info@lacdc.com or 724-471-8485.               

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