In November 2019,  the Board began to entertain the possibility of establishing a coworking space for the Leechburg area to give residents working at home an alternative to their kitchen table. We began visiting coworking venues and talking with managers.  At the same time, we began looking for a suitable location and even negotiated with a building owner in town. 

In August 2020, First Commonwealth Bank announced that the Leechburg branch would be one of 31 branches that would be closing.  We inquired about the possibility of First Commonwealth donating the main building at 152 Market St. to the LACDC to develop as a coworking space.  The Bank responded favorably,  setting early 2021 as the target to transfer the building.  At a March 11th closing, the building was turned over the LACDC and planning the transition to a coworking space began in earnest.

The coworking space is being designed to serve the needs of different types of clients who might utilize a coworking space.  There will be seats for people who can work economically at communal desks, dedicated desks for those that want their own area, and private offices that offer the amenities of a traditional office.  This facility will offer a community atmosphere, commercial level copying and printing, a conference room, secure broad band internet, 24/7 access, and a lunchroom.  

The board is now attempting to locate people who might utilize the space.  It will be an ideal space for people who can work from home but are looking for the comradery of sharing an office with other workers and an alternative to the less-than-ideal work environment of home.  It will also serve young entrepreneurs who need an office “location” without the expense and complexity of having their own office.  The consultant, who needs an office location to meet with clients will also find that the coworking space can meet their needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the coworking space or have an interest in assisting in its development and operation, you can reach us through the “Contact Us” section of the website.

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