The co-working space is starting to see more activity and tenants as the word gets out on what the space has to offer.  We have several new tenants including:

  • A Student from the University of Pittsburgh that is finding a quiet space to study.
  • Local employee from Verizon that needs an office when he’s working away from the “Verizon” office.
  • Manager who works for Stran Inc., a Boston based company and needs a dedicated office to manager her team from a remote location.

We welcome these new tenants and look forward to seeing more people and understanding their stories as the space grows.

“The coworking space is exactly what I needed to manage the responsibilities of my job.  I am so happy with the coworking space that I will be assisting in the marketing effort.  I want others to join me and see how the space can serve their needs.”  —  Nancy Shaffer

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