A coworking space is a flexible office space which gives people a place to work in a fully equipped office on a daily, weekly, or monthly bases. This space is shared with other workers who usually do not have the same employer.


The LACDC recently converted the Bank Building in downtown Leechburg into a Coworking space, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an affordable professional space for your remote work, virtual meetings, and home office without the distractions that often accompany working from home. We are conveniently located right in the heart of Leechburg’s business district! 


You take any available desk

$15 for a day pass

$100 per month


You have a dedicated desk and can leave supplies and monitors

$185 per month


You have a dedicated office that can seat from three to six people

$85 daily

$500 per month

$200 for one day a week


Conference room that can seat up to 20 people.

$50 an hour

$250 per day

Are you ready to join our Coworking community?

The LACDC Coworking space makes it easy to spend a few hours, a few days, or become a full time member of our community. If you would like to stop in to take a look or spend a “free” day with us to try out the space, we are here for you.

What we have

24/7 – 365 Access
High-Speed Internet and WiFi
Printing and Scanning
Consultation and Meeting Areas

What we offer

Conference Room
Upgrade to a Private Office
Mail and Package Reception
Bicycle Storage Room